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In the project Brainergy Park Jülich we are planning the energy system for an innovative commercial estate together with our partners (Fichtner, E.ON and Stadtwerke Jülich). With the help of our simulations, we strengthen the understanding of the dynamic operation of the energy system already in the early design stages.

Brainergy Park Jülich: Area

Brainergy Park: Area

Brainergy Park Jülich: Vision of the future

Brainergy Park: Future Outlook

On a total area of 52-hectare, the Brainergy Park is being developed by the three municipalities of Jülich, Niederzier and Titz. The Village is being built in a 7-hectare area, which will serve as a demonstration platform for new energy technology applications and offer attractive space to local companies and start-ups from the energy sector. In the other part, a classic commercial district is being developed in which special emphasis is placed on sustainable energy supply for the buildings. The result is a business park that is unique in Germany and focuses on the topic of 'new energy'.

In the Brainergy Park project, heatbeat supports the preliminary and design planning with the modelling and simulation of the buildings and the heating networks. In the early planning phase, different variants and designs are compared and evaluated. The integration of renewable energies plays a decisive role for the Brainergy Park, which is why great importance is given to a dynamic consideration of operation right from the start of planning. In addition to the use of renewable energies, we strengthen the understanding of the interaction between energy generation, distribution and use through an integral approach. We also support the Brainergy Park in identifying and defining the necessary interfaces to other energy networks (e.g. modern distribution networks) and a modern, integral monitoring and energy management system with the integration of the buildings.

Further information on the project is available on the official project website.

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