Student theses

At heatbeat we also supervise two student theses per semester.

Theses at heatbeat

At heatbeat we are currently supervising two student theses per semester (one each from our Nuremberg and Aachen locations). We choose the topics together with the students based on current issues in the fields of district heating and district energy systems. Thanks to our history as a university spin-off, our involvement in current research projects and our customer projects, we can both pursue innovative research approaches and ensure valuable practical relevance.

Organisation & Process

When starting your thesis, we support you in getting comfortable with our processes and your subject area. You are considered a full member of our team and we hope that we can mutually learn from each other.

When your research question is formulated, you can start working on the theoretical part. You'll build deeper knowledge of the current state of the art by reviewing the relevant literature. We offer you regular meetings where you can clarify open questions and get feedback. Every thesis at heatbeat includes a practical part, too. We use our simulation environment and our database, which are available to you for your work on the practical part. We support you in working out the most concrete answers possible to your research question based on your results. This way we hope that you can show a high degree of independence, while at the same time you can count on the support of heatbeat at all times.

You can organize your working hours and your work processes freely. You can decide for yourself how often you want to attend our daily team meetings to share your progress, get feedback from your colleagues if necessary, and clarify questions. You can use our offices in Nuremberg and Aachen at any time or you can connect to the meetings remotely. Like this, we hope to be able to offer you an optimal environment for the successful completion of your thesis.


If you are interested in writing your thesis at heatbeat, you can apply at any time for the next semester. Please send us a short email with a few sentences about your motivation and your current CV to . We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Completed theses

Here we give a brief overview of theses that have already been successfully completed at heatbeat.
Winter term 2022/23
Simulationsbasierte Analyse der Wirtschaftlichkeit kalter Wärmenetze und Entwicklung von Geschäftsmodellen
Master thesis by Alexander Haußner
Winter term 2021/22
Einfluss der Modellkomplexität auf das Ergebnis von Gesamtsystemsimulationen für Wärmeerzeuger in Fernwärmenetzen
Master thesis by Aaron Schüddekopf
Summer term 2021
Simulationsbasierter Vergleich von Möglichkeiten zur Solarenergieeinbindung in Wärmenetze
Master thesis by Felix Solka