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Our Services: Dynamic simulation of district heating networks

We simulate the the dynamic operation of district heating and cooling networks.

Unsere Leistungen: Analyse von Auslegungs- und Messdaten

We analyze design and measurement data to evaluate the network structure and operation.

Unsere Leistungen: Analyse von Energiesystemen
System Evaluation

Holistic analysis of the district energy system from generation to the customers.

Unsere Leistungen: Modellierung von Wärmebedarfen für Heizen und Trinkwarmwasser
Heat Demands

We model space heating and domestic hot water demands for all buildings in a network.

Our Services: Dynamic simulation of district heating networks
Control Strategies

Model-based development of control strategies for efficient network operation.

Unsere Leistungen: Anpassung unserer Systemmodelle an individuelle Bedürfnisse

We flexibly adapt our system models to answer any customized optimization challenges.

We offer tailor-made solutions for new heating and cooling networks as well as for existing networks.

For the planning and construction of new networks, we offer support for the early planning stages of the district energy system by utilizing dynamic simulation models to create a virtual prototype of the system. This allows us to evaluate the effects of different technology choices, energy demands, and control strategies as well as to optimize the entire energy system.

For existing networks, our dynamic models result in a detailed representation of the current system operation. On this foundation, we can optimize control strategies as well as expansion scenarios, retrofit options, and the integration of regenerative energy sources.

Furthermore, our modular modeling approach allows us to take into account special conditions, technology options and operating modes. This facilitates the evaluation of novel concepts and project-specific requirements regarding the optimal system configuration and operation strategy.

For a demonstration of our services, we present our methods and processes in a case study for the dynamic simulation of a district heating network

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