heatbeat Digital Twin: The Digital Twin

for district heating and cooling

District heating and cooling networks play a central part moving towards sustainable energy. Our Digital Twin supports you all the way from concept to the efficient operation of your district heating network.

Services: Feasibility study BEW
Feasibility study BEW

Assessing demands and comparing multiple variants
for a sound feasibility study for the 'Bundesförderung effiziente Wärmenetze' (BEW) funding.

Services: Ultra-low temperature district heating
Ultra-Low Temperature District Heating

Optimal planning and dimensioning of your ultra-low temperature district heating network with our Digital Twin.

Services: Transformation plan BEW
Transformation plan BEW

Creation of an optimal transformation plan for your district heating network with our Digital Twin.

Services: Energy concepts
Energy concepts

Holistic energy concepts for districts using decentralized & renewable heat sources.

High flexibility tailored to your needs: Our Digital Twin as the reliable foundation of our services for your network.

Our Services

heatbeat Digital Twin

With our heatbeat Digital Twin, we visualize all project information in an interactive web application. We digitialize your district heating network project from concept phase to optimized operation. In addition, you have the possibility to perform your own calculations, such as network dimensioning, directly in our Digital Twin. Learn more and book your demo.


These selected projects and showcases show you the broad applicability and benefits of our Digital Twin for your district heating networks.

Synergies of heating and cooling demands in the network Aerial view: The Shamrockpark in Herne
  • District Heating and Cooling
  • 4GDH/5GDH

  • Energy Transition

Shamrockpark Herne

An innovative, district heating and cooling network is being built in the Shamrockpark in Herne, funded by the BMWK. Our role is to map the buildings, the thermal network and the generators for heating and cooling in our heatbeat Digital Twin.

Brainergy Park Jülich under construction Brainergy Park Jülich: Vision of the future
  • District Heating and Cooling
  • Prosumer

  • Business Park
Brainergy Park Jülich

The Brainergy Park Jülich GmbH is developing a modern and innovative commercial district in which renewable energies and the coupling of energy sectors play a major role. For a coordinated energy system, heatbeat supports the planning by modelling and simulating the buildings and the heating networks.

Figure: Ultra-low temperature district heating Figure: Building model ultra-low temperature district heating
  • District Heating and Cooling

  • Ultra-Low Temperature District Heating

  • Demo
Ultra-Low Temperature District Heating

What is ultra-low temperature district heating and what needs to be considered when developing concepts and planning ultra-low temperature district heating networks? With the help of our heatbeat Digital Twin, we demonstrate the most important points using a sample district heating network.

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